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Are you a recruiting Agency?

No, We are not, we are a dedicated platform for job search and we provide you with vacancies posted by employers only

Can I pay you to find job for me in Dubai?

No, we do not accept any payment or do such service ,We share only vacancies, it is free to search in our website and post to any vacancy

Do you accept resume to be sent to you ?

No, we do not accept resume, We post  vacancies advertised by the employer and we provide direct link to apply directly on employer platform

After applying, what is next ?

You can always reach out to the recruiter and follow up about your application, read our blogs where we are sharing the best tips to find the right job.

How I can share my Testimonial?

If you find your  dream job in Dubai thru our platform ,we will be happy to share your testimonial in the website so other can read it  ,just  fill up the form and share you thoughts

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